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Medicare logoMedicare information changes frequently. Please refer to the official website for Medicare. Also, use the official website for Medicare to find Medicare-approved prescription drug plans.

Copay is used throughout this Website to mean both coinsurance and copayment.

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Presidnet TrumanAccording to the latest Medicare report from its Board of Trustees, Medicare Part A (hospital insurance) trust funds, which pays hospitals from payroll FICA taxes and beneficiaries' premiums and copay, will remain solvent until 2029. After 2029, Medicare payroll FICA taxes will be sufficient to pay 87% of the Part A (hospital) costs, declining to 79% in 2043.

Medicare Part B (doctors and other outpatient bills) and Part D (prescription drugs) are financed by both federal appropriations (about 75% of programs' costs) and beneficiaries' premium and copay (about 25%). Beneficiary premium and copay may change each year in order for the beneficiaries to continue pay 25% of total costs for these programs as required by law.

Medicare's administrative costs are about 1% of total expenditures.

Former President Truman was the first person enrolled in the Medicare program.
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The Egyptian Area Agency on Aging is a partner in the Illinois SMP program. The Illinois SMP program empowers consumers to prevent, detect, and report health care fraud. We do this by providing outreach and education on health care fraud topics. The Illinois SMP program is funded by the Administration on Aging and is administered by AgeOptions in Illinois.

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Extension Codes
The following is a brief list of some of the identification codes used by the Social Security Administration as extensions of the Medicare number.
Code Identification Code Identification
A Primary claimant D4 Widow, remarried after age 60
B Aged wife (1st claimant) D5 Widower, remarried after age 60
B1 Aged husband (1st claimant) M Medicare Part B eligibility, only
B6 Divorced wife (1st claimant) M1 Qualified for Part A, but elects Part B, only
BR Divorced husband (1st claimant) T Receiving Medicare but not Social Security benefits
C Child (any number that follows the C is the birth order of the child) TA Medicare qualified government employee (primary beneficiary)
D Aged widow W Disabled widow (1st claimant)
D1 Aged widower W1 Disabled widower (1st claimant)
Extension Codes for Railroad Workers
Code Identification Code Identification
A Wage earner WA Widow
MA Spouse CA Child

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