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office sign office building in the fall
azaleas heavenly bamboo

The bottom left frame is a picture of one of our Azalea bushes in bloom. Unfortunately, our Azalea bushes reached the end of their normal life-span and had to be replaced. We chose to replace them with common boxwoods and Heavenly Bamboo (above on right).

Azaleas are a type of rhododendron with funnel-shaped corollas and usually deciduous leaves, including hybrid forms cultivated as ornamentals. Our Azalea were Glacier Azalea, which are a showy evergreen shrub with white blooms and a faint green tone covering the plant in spring. Azalea are excellent under shade trees or anywhere they will receive filtered sunlight.

We replaced our Azaleas with evergreens and Heavenly Bamboo (pictures on the on right). The Heavenly Bamboo is from the nandina and barberry family and also called Sacred Bamboo.

Heavenly Bamboo is an evergreen shrub with compound, somewhat lacy leaves and sprays of red berries that persist through the winter. Its multi-stemmed, cane-like clumps make it superficially resemble bamboo. Young foliage is often pinkish, turning soft light green. Except in the coldest temperatures (below 10F), the leaves don’t drop; they stay green all winter and are often tinged with red. They flower in early summer with erect, 6-12 inch long clusters of tiny pink to white flowers. The resulting clusters of shiny, red, two-seeded berries persist from fall to spring. Many cultivars are available having more or less reddish leaves, smaller overall size, and so on.

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